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“How can kids listen to music on an Amazon Echo while watching TikTok on their phone?” he asks, while watching YouTube on the TV and scrolling Instagram on his phone.

Listening/watching to this performance of Basement Jaxx from 2007. Taking me back to when I first heard and bought their CD as a teenager back in ‘99. Fond memories.

Thanks to @kottke for finding this.

Basement Jaxx Live - 2007

Currently -7C in #Kelowna (I know, not nearly as bad as basically everywhere else in Canada) and warming my soul with the Gipsy Kings live. Take me away to somewhere hot, please.

Gipsy Kings Live

Rediscovering one of my favourite chill out albums tonight while reading, circa 1998. Air

Beauty and the Beast came out 30 years ago this November.

We’re going to be as far away from its premiere as it was to 101 Dalmatians premiere (1961).

I thought 2020 was crazy, but 2021 is off to an absurd start for me.

I’ve reached the point of fatherhood where my daughter is being critical of the selfies I share on social media.

2021 off to a good start.

Start 2021 off right by picking up one of my favourite books of 2020: Atomic Habits by @jamesclear

Currently on sale around 50% off.

In Canada: https://amzn.to/3b4iLhV

In USA: https://amzn.to/3rNuQ15

#books #2021

Late night thoughts: @DuaLipa is a surprisingly good artist to listen to while writing. #amwriting

Appropriate reading for Christmas Eve if you enjoy Charlie Brown’s Christmas as much as I do. Written by @caitlinpacific

Charlie Brown’s Inside Job

From @mattyglesias’s substack:

the time we spend paying attention to things we are interested in happening in cities we don’t live in necessarily tends to crowd out paying attention to important things in our community that don’t happen to interest us.

I think about this lots

I hate Instagram ads. I almost always click them and find myself wanting to order stuff. Doing my best to resist but every now and then, I cave.

Last week, it was a phone stand that swivels. Today, a calligraphy logo. (I thought about this for several months.)

My daughter’s homework required her to write about how life has changed compared to the recent past. One of her examples was to mention MySpace. She got pretty excited when I told her it still existed, like she could time travel.

Holy shit, you guys, Nikka whisky kicks ass- or at least my ass.

I’ve been using HEY for several months now. Took a little time getting used to it, but loving it now.

One of my favourite features is being able to group emails together to read all at once- perfect to catch up on @craigmod’s newsletter from Japan, for example.

Pros to having an empty office:

  • listening to music
  • can drink more coffee than usual
  • more snacks


Do you ever have one of those nights where things happen that you’d like to tell others about, but you don’t know how to properly put things down into words?

Tonight was one of those nights.

Crisp evenings with hot chocolate and golden skies watching October slip away into November.

Looking forward to seeing what this month brings us all.

#kelowna #kelownabc

Saturday afternoon quick read: Writing the Circus, a mini-zine by @esshoedlmoser. I thought it would be a suitable read this Halloween.

To see what I mean, check out their performance: France’s Got Talent

Why is the mind always restless on nights before a work day and not on Friday or Saturday nights when there’s nothing occurring the next day?

Sunday Morning Rabbithole

Went down a bit of a rabbithole this morning.

Ridgeline is a newsletter by @craigmod about “walking, Japan, literature, and photography.” Japanese culture has always been an interest of mine. Reading about walking there is something more recent after reading Walking the Kiso Road by William Scott Wilson. Ridgeline looks like something I wished I had discovered long ago (meaning December 2018 when it started).

With the latest issue, he introduced me to Monkey Magazine, a magazine about Japanese literature. They’re publishing both digital and hardcopy versions. Looks quite interesting to me and will be added to my shopping cart once the digital version is on sale later this month.

Unrelated to those items is something from @EssHoedlmoser that comes out tomorrow- but! if you’re a member of their Patreon, you can learn about it today! Strange Wonderful Creature

Tired of being poor

I wish financial struggles weren’t so exhausting.

While driving from my office to another appointment, I heard a sound when turning. Get to my appointment and wonder why it was so difficult to turn in to park. Get out, see the tire is low. Go to put air in, discover a screw in the tire.

I know it’s cheap to fix, but it’s annoying that I’m losing money tonight (from not being able to work as a food courier) and then losing money tomorrow (from not being in the office.) I’m sitting here calculating in my head how much I’ll lose and what next week is going to look like financially.

I’m tired of being poor. Life is feeling like I’m running uphill and I’m getting nowhere fast.

Drinking bourbon and reading my old blog posts. I wrote this ten years ago. It’s unfortunate how much of our online life is still focused on SEO (or hashtags now).

Breaking the SEO Chains, or The Value of Not Blogging

Bourbon so smooth it transforms a normal night to a poetic one— after only a few sips.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been up this late and been sober. Takes me back to my University days of pulling all-nighters when finishing assignments.